Picture Perfect: Engagement Photos in Style

Hey Fab Fashionistas,

Back in February we did a Valentines Day engagement session at the Jefferson Memorial!

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Winter engagement sessions can be tricky but we wanted to use our photos in our Save the Dates, so waiting for Spring or Summer wasn’t an option. I had a hard time deciding what to wear for engagement photos so I’m sharing some tips to help out future brides who are planning a winter engagement session too:

  • Layers. In addition to being practical and keeping you warm, layers are an easy way to add versatility to your photos. For our shoot, we wore Peacoats and scarves over our outfits. This allowed us to get a good variety of photos, with the coats and without and we mixed in the scarves with some as well. Another advantage was that we didn’t have to take up time to do an outfit change since the session was only an hour.  (I found this coat at Macy’s by the brand Guess)
  • Coordination. I’m not saying you have to wear a matching outfit with your fiancé if thats not your thing but I do recommend you plan ahead and coordinate materials, colors, and the general attire. For example, if you are wearing a cocktail dress and heels, your fiancé should wear something like a suit or at least suit pants and a button up shirt (not say…jeans and a flannel shirt…as you don’t want either of you to look overdressed or underdressed). Matt wore a sweater and jeans with dress shoes for our engagement shoot and I wore a sweater dress with tights and black wedged ankle booties. The matching sweater material flowed nicely together.
  • Color. I actually had a really hard time with this. I was planning to wear a new black dress that I had gotten for the shoot but at the last minute I changed my mind and switched to the purple. My peacoat was black and white so I wanted to add some color and looking back now I’m glad I did. Our photographer was also supportive of adding color as it can be more visually appealing than black and white.
  • Props and Accessories. I topped off my look with a green jeweled necklace from Old Navy, and a houndstooth print scarf in white and blue. I also did some research on Pinterest before our photo shoot and saw some really cute poses that couples did with blankets so I brought one of our favorite blankets with us as a prop and it turned out really well! You can see in the last picture. Added bonus: We can use it for a Christmas Card!
    • I  do have to admit one Pinterest Fail however: I also tried to bring a chalk board with our last name and wedding date but it didn’t turn out that great. I think its worth sharing some lessons learned. My first mistake was using regular chalk vs. a chalk pen or marker. I came straight from work and my chalkboard was in my bag all day so by the time I got there it had smeared. If you want to do a chalkboard sign for you pics, I definitely recommend going to Target or Michaels or even looking online to find something more heavy duty. My second piece of advise is if you are like me and don’t have good handwriting, find someone to help you out. For example, theres this great little shop in Culpeper, VA called Bride and Joy that rents wedding decor but you can also bring in your own and they charge a very small fee to have them write it for you with bistro chalk .
  • Finishing Touch. Fashionistas, you know how I love a fresh mani. Its the little things that complete your look and if you have chipped nails, it can make you look messy. For our photo shoot I made sure to polish up my nails with a fresh gel manicure in a dusty rose color thats a classic and is especially good for Winter months. Remember to treat yourself when it comes to your engagement photos! After all its a once in a lifetime occurrence and you should make the most of it.
  • Additional Tip. Although this isn’t directly wedding related, I want to suggest using Shutterfly to create a printed album for all your engagement photos. I am all too guilty of leaving digital files on my computer for months and even years. I didn’t want to make the same mistake with our engagement shoot so I searched on Shutterfly and found an album template with our wedding colors. I ordered two copies and gave one to my mom for Mothers day. It took a couple of hours to make but it was very affordable overall (you can always find great promotions and coupon codes for Shutterfly) and it turned out really nice. I’m so glad I have a printed collection we can show to family and friends when they visit.


So my fab fashionistas, time for the question of the day: What style advice do you have for engagement photo sessions? Comment below or tweet your response to @SusieinstyleDC


Photos: All photos done by the lovely Mollie Tobias. Check out more of her awesome work at www.mollietobiasphotography.com