Running in style 

Hey fab fashionistas!

I recently finished my 2nd half marathon. This was a BIG accomplishment. To prepare, I had to work up my distance but just as important, I had to find the right running gear that was comfortable and stylish. I learned the importance of testing out running clothes and equipment prior to race day in order to make sure I felt my best during the half. 

Check out my guest blog post on sweat1xdaily and read more fitness tips from my friend Meghan who is an amazing momma and marathon runner! 

Bring it on, half marathon!

P.S. I forgot to mention this in the post but 1 of my fav parts of the race were the funny signs posted throughout the course. Some gems:  “You’ve got great stamina…call me” “You’ve trained longer than Kim Kardashians marriage” “it’s a hill, get over it” and “If Trump can run, you can too”