Fabletics Review

I have been a runner since a friend convinced me to join the cross country team with her in High School. I love running for both the physical and mental benefits but I always have a hard time finding running gear that I really love. Of course when I saw an online ad for Fabletics by Kate Hudson offering my first outfit for just $25 , I got suckered in.

I quickly found however that the first outfit is in fact $25 but only IF you sign up to be a VIP member. As a VIP member you get an email notice each month, with your top personalized picks. This is based on a style quiz you take at the beginning so they can make recommendations based on your taste and the type of activities you do.

You can either pick one of your outfits, or choose to skip the month. Most outfits are about $45 – $50. If you do not log into your account by the 5th of each month to either pick an outfit, or skip the month, your card will automatically get charged $49.95 and you get a credit on your account to use at any time.

I figured I would give it a try. The first outfit I chose was a purple tank top with an open back and black leggings with a matching  design on the side. FullSizeRender


I like the design and colors of the leggings but the material is stiff and thick. Overall they are pretty uncomfortable and these have become my backup pair of leggings for when my other running pants are in the laundry.

The top on the other-hand, I do like. Its long enough that I can wear it with tight leggings or yoga pants and the color is fun. The open back and twisted straps add a little something to the style especially when I wear it with a fun sports bra.

Since I was happy with the top, I decided to order again the following month.I found a cute jacket online that looked like the perfect outer layer for when I run outside. When the jacket arrived, I was thrilled! It fit perfectly . Its hard to see from the picture but the black actually has a ghosted pattern which I also really liked.



However, after only a couple of wears the material started to fall apart. The zipper  broke and when I put it in the wash, the collar tore. I paid $40 for the jacket alone so I was pretty disappointed with the quality.

After this experience, I pretty much decided I was done. The only problem is that I absolutely HATE automated phone systems so I put off calling to cancel for as long as possible. I skipped the next month but when the month after that came, life got busy and I forgot to login and hit the “skip” button by the 5th of the month so my account got charged the $49.95 and I  had a credit to use for another outfit.

At the time I had just started doing yoga so I used the credit to order a yoga mat. I also ordered a sports bra since the mat did not cover all my credit. I used the mat a total of just two times. It was really long and slippery so I had trouble doing some of my poses. I ended up ditching it and using the mats from my studio (Journey Studio on Columbia pike for those you who might be intersted).

The sports bra I do like and wear often. It actually goes great under the purple top from my first outfit selection. But overall, the top and sports bra were the only clothing articles I liked and that wasn’t enough for me to stay a loyal customer so I finally called and cancelled my membership


Personally, I would not recommend Fabletics because of the lack of comfortability, lack of appealing designs, and high prices for the quality of material. I still love Kate Hudson and I hate to give such a rough review but I do think I gave it a solid chance!

I have heard better things about LuluLemon Athletica, and even Victorias Secret Sport. I think I will give those a try next time.

Fab Fashionistas, heres the question of the day: When you want to workout in style, which activewear brand is your top choice?


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