Confession: I am a handbag addict.

We all have our kyroptonite, right?  Mine just happens to be a little more expesive than others 🙂

For my birthday this year I splurged and bought my first ever Tory Burch product.  I like that its black because it goes with everything and the gold accent on the logo and chain add a little something. The texture on the leather is also nice and easy to take care of. My last designer bag was a Coach bag that I LOVED but it had so many compartments and that made it hard to ever find anything.

This bag has a convenient zipped pouch in the middle and a compartment on each side. It also has a smaller  zipped pocket on the inside pouch thats realy convienient for storing my SmarTrip and business cards.

So my Fab Fashionistas, here is the question of the day: What is your fashion addiction?


2 thoughts on “Tory 

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