Removing Gel Nail Polish

After my post on gel manicures, I feel its important to follow up with instructions on how to remove gel polish. It requires a bit of patience, but its critical to do it properly so you don’t leave your nails broken and torn.

Step 1) File your nails down!!! This is an important piece that I failed to do the first couple of times I tried removing gel on my own and it made it much harder.

Step 2) Purchase aceton nail polish. I got a bottle at cvs for under $10 and its lasted me over a year.

Step 3) Tear up pieces of cottonballs and soak in the nail polish. The entire cotton ball should be saturated but dont let excess or it will drip onto your skin.

Step 4) Apply cottonballs to your nails, avoiding contact with skin.

Step 5) Use tin foil or saran wrap to wrap around each fingertip and hold the cottonball in place. I usually do one hand a time because I like to have one hand free to multitask but you can do them both at the same time to make the process shorter.

Step 6) Let the nails soak for 30 minutes. When the half hour is up, remove the tin foil and most of the nail polish should be crumbling off already. Take a cuticle pusher to scrap off any remaining gel. You can use a nail file if there are any stubborn bits left.


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